VQR Poetry Series

The VQR Poetry Series strives to publish some of the freshest, most accomplished poetry being written today. The series gathers a group of diverse poets committed to using intensely focused language to affect the way that readers see the world. A poem, at its heart, is a statement of refusal to accept common knowledge and the status quo. By studying the world for themselves, these poets illuminate what we, as a culture, may learn from close inspection.

Ted Genoways has been the editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review since 2003. Under his editorship the VQR has received two National Magazine Awards and has been nominated eight other times. Genoways is the editor of numerous books and is the author of Bullroarer, which won the Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize, the Natalie Ornish Poetry Award, and the Nebraska Book Award.

Books in this series

Anna, Washing
Poems by Ted Genoways

Poems by Patrick Phillips

Field Folly Snow
Poems by Cecily Parks

For the Mountain Laurel
Poems by John Casteen

Free Union
Poems by John Casteen

Poems by Kevin McFadden

The History of Anonymity
Poems by Jennifer Chang

Illustrating the Machine That Makes the World
From J. G. Heck's 1851 Pictorial Archive of Nature and Science
Poems by Joshua Poteat

In the World He Created According to His Will
Poems by David Caplan

Logorrhea Dementia
A Self-Diagnosis
Poems by Kyle Dargan

The Lost Boys
Poems by Daniel Groves

The Mansion of Happiness
Poems by Robin Ekiss

Poems by Susan B. A. Somers-Willett

Salvinia Molesta
Poems by Victoria Chang

Poems by Dave Lucas

A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood
Poems by Allen Braden


Series Editor
Ted Genoways

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