Politics and Culture in the Twentieth-Century South

The South that could be reasonably termed the nation's number one economic problem in 1938 is no more. Today, the South with its runaway economic and demographic growth, political clout, and influential cultural exports is arguablythe most dynamic region in the United States.

With an eye toward understanding the struggles that have shaped the newest New South, Politics and Culture in the Twentieth-Century South offers interdisciplinary historical studies of the region's social, political, and economic transformation. This series presents the best new research on a range of topics in recent southern history, including the long battle for equal civil rights for all citizens, partisan political realignment, suburbanization and the rise of car culture, changes in gender and sexual cultures, the rise of theocratic politics, industrialization and deindustrialization, immigration, and integration into the global economy of the twenty-first century: fresh scholarship that investigates new areas and reinterprets the familiar.

Bryant Simon, a professor of history at Temple University, has also taught at the University of Georgia. He is the author of Boardwalk of Dreams: Atlantic City and the Fate of Urban America and A Fabric of Defeat: The Politics of South Carolina Millhands, 1910–1948. He is also a coeditor of Jumpin' Jim Crow: Southern Politics from Civil War to Civil Rights. His current project is a study of Starbucks, the making (and distribution) of coffeehouse culture, and the molding of public culture in the United States and across the globe in the twenty-first century.

Jane Dailey is an associate professor of history at the University of Chicago. She is the author of Before Jim Crow: The Politics of Race in Postemancipation Virginia, editor of Jim Crow (Norton Casebooks in History), and a coeditor of Jumpin' Jim Crow: Southern Politics from Civil War to Civil Rights. Her current project is a book on race, sex, and the civil rights movement from emancipation to the present.

Books in this series

Alabama Getaway
The Political Imaginary and the Heart of Dixie
Allen Tullos

Cold War Dixie
Militarization and Modernization in the American South
Kari Frederickson

A Common Thread
Labor, Politics, and Capital Mobility in the Textile Industry
Beth English

The Culture of Property
Race, Class, and Housing Landscapes in Atlanta, 1880–1950
LeeAnn Lands

Everybody Was Black Down There
Race and Industrial Change in the Alabama Coalfields
Robert H. Woodrum

Faith in Bikinis
Politics and Leisure in the Coastal South since the Civil War
Anthony J. Stanonis

Guten Tag, Y’all
Globalization and the South Carolina Piedmont, 1950—2000
Marko Maunula

Jim Crow Terminals
The Desegregation of American Airports
Anke Ortlepp

Liberalism, Black Power, and the Making of American Politics, 1965-1980
Devin Fergus

Marching in Step
Masculinity, Citizenship, and The Citadel in Post-World War II America
Alexander Macaulay

The Nashville Way
Racial Etiquette and the Struggle for Social Justice in a Southern City
Benjamin Houston

New Negro Politics in the Jim Crow South
Claudrena N. Harold

The Politics of White Rights
Race, Justice, and Integrating Alabama’s Schools
Joseph Bagley

The Problem South
Region, Empire, and the New Liberal State, 1880-1930
Natalie J. Ring

Rabble Rousers
The American Far Right in the Civil Rights Era
Clive Webb

Race, Reason, and Massive Resistance
The Diary of David J. Mays, 1954–1959
Edited by James R. Sweeney

Remaking the Rural South
Interracialism, Christian Socialism, and Cooperative Farming in Jim Crow Mississippi
Robert Hunt Ferguson

The South of the Mind
American Imaginings of White Southernness, 1960–1980
Zachary J. Lechner

The Struggle and the Urban South
Confronting Jim Crow in Baltimore before the Movement
David Taft Terry

The Unemployed People’s Movement
Leftists, Liberals, and Labor in Georgia, 1929–1941
James J. Lorence

Who Gets a Childhood?
Race and Juvenile Justice in Twentieth-Century Texas
William S. Bush

Womanpower Unlimited and the Black Freedom Struggle in Mississippi
Tiyi M. Morris

Series editors

Bryant Simon
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Jane Dailey
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University of Alabama

Grace Elizabeth Hale
University of Virginia

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