New Perspectives on the Civil War Era

This series is dedicated to the publication of primary sources (letters, diaries, speeches, etc.) of the Civil War era from a wide diversity of perspectives—respecting the soldier’s voice, but not privileging it over every other as is the case in most such edited volumes.  It recognizes that there are a great many diverse voices from the Civil War era that need to be heard.  Soldiers, civilians on the home front, slaves, political officials, government bureaucrats, newspaper correspondents, diplomats, and foreign observers all have a particular insight onto that great conflict and deserve to have a forum to have their stories told.  This series will also include a digital component to provide an enhanced experience for each volume to make them more appealing for classroom adoption.

There is a strong market for these types of books and very few presses have dedicated series to these types of editions. Rather, many edited volumes are shoe-horned into other series, where they are at best ill-fitting and there is no consistent quality or editorial policy regarding them.  This series has a dedicated series editor who has a clear editorial policy—each book will have introductions that place the letters in context, clear editorial methods, comprehensive annotations, full bibliographies, and intuitive indexes—which will provide both consistency and high quality and set a level of excellence that scholars and general readers will come to expect.

Judkin Browning is a professor of history at Appalachian State University. He is the author of Shifting Loyalties: The Union Occupation of Eastern North Carolina and The Southern Mind Under Union Rule: The Diary of James Rumley, Beaufort, North Carolina, 1862–1865.

Susanna Lee is an associate professor of history at North Carolina State University. She is the author of Claiming the Union: Citizenship in the Post-Civil War South, and is working on a book about the U.S.-Dakota War

Books in this series

The Greatest Trials I Ever Had
The Civil War Letters of Margaret and Thomas Cahill
Edited by Ryan W. Keating

Practical Strangers
The Courtship Correspondence of Nathaniel Dawson and Elodie Todd, Sister of Mary Todd Lincoln
Edited by Stephen Berry and Angela Esco Elder

Prison Pens
Gender, Memory, and Imprisonment in the Writings of Mollie Scollay and Wash Nelson, 1863–1866
Edited by Timothy J. Williams and Evan A. Kutzler

Series Editors

Judkin Browning
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Susanna Lee
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Series Advisory Board

Stephen Berry
University of Georgia

Jane Turner Censer
George Mason University

Paul Escott
Wake Forest University

Lorien Foote
Texas A&M University

Anne Marshall
Mississippi State University

Barton Myers
Washington & Lee University

Michael Thomas Smith
McNeese State University

Susannah Ural
University of Southern Mississippi

Kidada Williams
Wayne State University

Heather Andrea Williams
University of Pennsylvania