Mercer University Lamar Memorial Lectures

Volumes in this series explore the value, and aid in the permanent preservation, of Southern culture, history, and literature. Almost fifty volumes have been published in the Lamar Memorial Lectures series since the first, Southern Writers in the Modern World by Donald Davis, appeared in 1958.

Books in this series

Becoming Confederates
Paths to a New National Loyalty
Gary W. Gallagher

Blind No More
African American Resistance, Free Soil Politics, and the Coming of the Civil War
Jonathan Daniel Wells

The Brown Decision, Jim Crow, and Southern Identity
James C. Cobb

Camille, 1969
Histories of a Hurricane
Mark M. Smith

Chattel Slavery and Wage Slavery
The Anglo-American Context, 1830–1860
Marcus Cunliffe

A Consuming Fire
The Fall of the Confederacy in the Mind of the White Christian South
Eugene D. Genovese

The Countercultural South
Jack Temple Kirby

Daughters of Time
Creating Woman's Voice in Southern Story
Lucinda H. MacKethan

George Washington and the American Military Tradition
Don Higginbotham

The Hammers of Creation
Folk Culture in Modern African-American Fiction
Eric J. Sundquist

Henry Adams and the Southern Question
Michael O'Brien

The Language of the American South
Cleanth Brooks

A Late Encounter with the Civil War
Michael Kreyling

The Literary Percys
Family History, Gender, and the Southern Imagination
Bertram Wyatt-Brown

Mixed Blood Indians
Racial Construction in the Early South
Theda Perdue

Moses, Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South
Paul Harvey

Myths and Men
Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson
Bernard Mayo

The Power of the Porch
The Storyteller’s Craft in Zora Neale Hurston, Gloria Naylor, and Randall Kenan
Trudier Harris

Remapping Southern Literature
Contemporary Southern Writers and the West
Robert H. Brinkmeyer Jr.
With a new preface

Remembering Medgar Evers
Writing the Long Civil Rights Movement
Minrose Gwin

Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers
Southern Culture and the Roots of Country Music
Bill C. Malone

The South and the North in American Religion
Samuel S. Hill

South to the Future
An American Region in the Twenty-first Century
Edited by Fred Hobson

Southern Folk, Plain and Fancy
Native White Social Types
John Shelton Reed

The Southern Writer in the Postmodern World
Fred Hobson

Southern Writers in the Modern World
Donald Davidson

Teaching Equality
Black Schools in the Age of Jim Crow
Adam Fairclough

Three Modes of Modern Southern Fiction
Ellen Glasgow, William Faulkner, Thomas Wolfe
C. Hugh Holman

A Web of Words
The Great Dialogue of Southern Literature
Richard Gray