Environmental History and the American South

The field of environmental history has exploded during the last two decades, but the American South has largely been bypassed by this boom. This series seeks to correct that neglect by publishing books that explore the critical importance of human-environmental interactions to the history and culture of the region. We aim to show how attention to environmental topics necessarily enriches our understanding of southern history and identity, and how a focus on southern topics promises to reshape the broader field of environmental history.

Books in the series not only situate environmental history within the American South, broadly defined, but they also connect the region to local, national, and transnational scales of analysis. The series welcomes the work of anthropologists and geographers as well as historians and environmental writers. We also plan to republish southern environmental classics, and to produce essay collections that shape the emerging field of southern environmental history.

James C. Giesen is an associate professor at Mississippi State University. 

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