Children, Youth, and War

As historian Joseph Hawes once said, “Childhood is where you catch a culture in high relief.” That is particularly true when a culture is at war, which creates hardships and opportunities unknown in peace time. “Children, Youth, and War” will explore the experiences and points of view of children and youth during war time as actors, victims, and observers. The series will further our understanding of the effects of armed conflict not only on the lives of children and youth in all places and eras, but also its effects on the nations, communities, and families in which those young people live.

“Children, Youth, and War” will examine children at war in any time and any place, on the home front as well as on the battlefront. Comparative and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged, but monographs on specific communities experiencing a single war will also be considered. Series books will intersect with the latest historiography on race, ethnicity, gender, and other methodological approaches appropriate to the time and place.

Series editor James Marten is chair of the Department of History at Marquette University. He is the author of Sing Not War: The Lives of Union and Confederate Veterans in Gilded Age America, Civil War America: Voices from the Home Front, and The Children’s Civil War.

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Series Editor 

James Marten
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