Critical Perspectives in the History of Environmental Design

"The land is the appointed remedy for whatever is false and fantastic in our culture. The continent we inhabit is to be the physic and food of our mind, as well as our body. The land with its tranquilizing, sanative influences, is to repair the errors of a . . . traditional education, and bring us into just relations of men and things."—Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Young American, 1844 

Books in the Critical Perspectives in the History of Environmental Design series might be about a place (or places), a designer (or designers), other historical figures important to the history of environmental design, a significant theme or movement revealed and understood by analyzing the design of places, or an assessment of historical literature on the subject. While the focus is on the United States, international linkages and the evolution and transference of ideas through time and space are considered important to the American story.

Books in the series will also reveal tensions inherent in the subject matter. For example, many pioneers of nineteenth century conservation indulged in entrepreneurial activities that ultimately destroyed the natural landscapes that they wished to save. The concept of wilderness has been championed and also criticized from a post-modern perspective. The development of urban parks has been presented as the height of social responsibility and also, at times, as a diversion from the pressing social problems of the day.

Because of the absolute necessity of sustainable living in the future, this series is also timely. Books in the series will foster a cross-disciplinary dialogue about the human / nature relationship, influencing the decisions we make and the places we design today. 

Books in this series

Hare & Hare
Landscape Architects and City Planners
Carol Grove and Cydney Millstein

Warren H. Manning
Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner
Edited by Robin Karson, Jane Roy Brown, and Sarah Allaback
Photographs by Carol Betsch

Series Editor

Robin Karson
Founder and Executive Director
Library of American Landscape Design
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Patrick Allen
Acquisitions Editor
University of Georgia Press
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