Center Books on the American South

The Center for American Places, which is now based at Columbia College Chicago, was founded in 1990 by George F. Thompson, a former editor at the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Since that time, the Center has brought to publication more than 320 works across dozens of disciplines, including geography, history, landscape and urban studies, photography, and creative nonfiction. The Center has won or shared more than 100 editorial prizes, including best-book honors in thirty-one academic fields.

The Center’s publishing program is designed to enhance the public’s understanding of, appreciation for, and affection for the places of the Americas the rest of the world—whether urban, suburban, rural, or wild. The program is guided by the view that books provide the intellectual and emotional foundation for comprehending—and caring for—the places where we live, work, and commune.The Center Books on the American South series provides a regional focus for this guiding view.

Books in this series

William Faulkner and the Southern Landscape
Charles S. Aiken

Series founder
and director

George F. Thompson

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