You All Spoken Here

Roy Wilder, Jr.

Southern talk at its down-home best


"An enjoyable book for natives who cherish regional speech and for newcomers who want to learn the dialect."
Southern Living

"Wilder has been all over hell and half of Georgia looking for memorable southern expressions."
Orlando Sentinel

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We invite folks from the outer precincts and other foreign parts to lend an ear to what four centuries of southern talk have wrought, Roy Wilder Jr. writes in You All Spoken Here. This delightful book preserves and explains the South's linguistic heritage with some three thousand specimens of the region's most picturesque, metaphorical, and gloriously inventive speech.

Wondering how to make points with your mother? "Don't talk back. Keep the woodbox filled. And don't stake the cow where she can get to wild onions." A sophisticated man "has been places and et in ho-tels." A dependable person "plows a straight furrow and goes to the end of the row."

You All Spoken Here is a marvelously funny piece of southern humor and a language lover's delight.

How to Speak "You All":

  • from kin see to cain't see = from dawn to dusk
  • light a shuck = make haste
  • might can = maybe
  • Oklahoma credit card = a siphon hose
  • poke = a sack or bag
  • saucered and blowed = coffee that's cooled down
  • skedaddle = get up and go
  • spittin' image = in the spirit and the image
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Roy Wilder, Jr., is a native of North Carolina, a self-described backsliding Methodist, and a yellow dog Democrat. He has been a war correspondent, a newspaper reporter for the New York Herald Tribune, a political consultant, and an award-winning advertising and public relations man.