Yesterday in the Hills

Floyd C. Watkins and Charles Hubert Watkins
Foreword by Calvin S. Brown


"Authentic, flavorful chapters about oldtime hill people of North Georgia, their backbreaking field work, their song and play, their courtship, their neighborly exchange of help with the chores, their homemade remedies for illness and homemade practically everything else, their humor and their individuality."
Publishers Weekly

Yesterday in the Hills recalls life in North Georgia from the 1890s until World War II and records vanished and vanishing folkways of the region. Here is folklore at its best—seen from the inside and mediated though the heart. Yesterday in the Hills is built upon the bedrock of experience and memory, but its sharply drawn characters and beautifully proportioned narrative transcend reminiscence and realistically depict hill country life as it once was.

Page count: 200 pp.
Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5

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Charles Hubert Watkins farmed and taught school in Ball Ground, Georgia, and also served as its mayor. Floyd Watkins, author and editor of a several books and articles, is professor emeritus of English at Emory University.