William Augustus Bowles
Director General of the Creek Nation

J. Leitch Wright Jr.


“The author has accomplished an apparently exhaustive examination . . . a commendable effort to hold Bowles at center stage.”
William and Mary Quarterly

“A fine study of the southern frontier . . . A fascinating account of Indian life and affairs in the late colonial period . . . This book is first-rate.”
Hispanic American Historical Review

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William Augustus Bowles led an exciting life as an artist, actor, diplomat, navigator, soldier, linguist, chemist, and lawyer. He lived largely among Native Americans, reared an Indian family, circumnavigated the globe as a Spanish prisoner, and mingled freely with British royalty and leading London statesmen, scientists, and actors. Published in 1967, this biography explores the many facets of Bowles’s life and career, including his failed attempt at establishing a nominally independent Indian state—the Creek Nation of Muskogee—aligned with Britain. Illustrating the chaotic frontier conditions that existed in the southeast after the American Revolution and the extent to which Britain was still involved even after recognizing American independence, this work provides unique insight into colonial and imperial history post-Revolutionary War.

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J. Leitch Wright, Jr. is the author of several books, including The Only Land They Knew: American Indians in the Old South and Creeks and Seminoles: The Destruction and Regeneration of the Muscogulge People.