The Wild Treasury of Nature
A Portrait of Little St. Simons Island

Paintings by Philip Juras
Foreword by Wendy Paulson
Contributions by Kevin Grogan, Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, and Janice Simon

Visually stunning paintings of the dynamic natural environments that make—and continually remake—an island


“I look with astonishment at what Philip Juras has accomplished in these paintings. . . . My hope, like Philip’s, is that anyone who is moved by his paintings will gain a fresh, if not brand new, appreciation for the allure of southeastern coastal landscapes. Even more, I hope that they will be inspired to join efforts to preserve and steward those places for ongoing generations.”
—Wendy Paulson, from the foreword

“Juras invites the viewer to inhabit without distractions of human presence, activity, or metaphor, a singular place of ecological significance. His Little St. Simons portrait preserves in paint an environment that will inevitably alter over time but one hopes will maintain, through careful stewardship, its essential ecological integrity.”
—Janice Simon, from the book

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The fifty-two paintings gathered here reveal as never before the wild beauty of Little St. Simons, an undeveloped barrier island on the Georgia coast. In showing us the island’s marshes and tidal creeks, shrub lands and forests, and dunes and beaches, artist Philip Juras helps us understand the natural and historical forces continually at work on this unique place.

The Wild Treasury of Nature continues Juras’s exploration of the presettlement wilderness of the American South as the earliest naturalists would have encountered it. Strikingly composed and executed, Juras’s island paintings are based on extensive research and many hours spent at the sites he documents. From the contours of a pristine landscape down to the shape and color of its smallest plant, each scene is a historically and ecologically credible rendering of a place that has remained miraculously unspoiled.

The writings that accompany Juras’s paintings describe the natural history and unique cultural past of Little St. Simons in particular and the southern barrier islands in general, place the artwork within the American landscape painting tradition, and underscore the importance of vigilant stewardship for the island and the few remaining American places like it.

A Wormsloe Foundation Nature Book

Page count: 128 pp.
88 color images, 2 diagrams, 5 maps
Trim size: 11 x 9

Read more about St. Simons Island at the New Georgia Encyclopedia.


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Philip Juras, a native of Augusta, Georgia, received a BFA in drawing and painting and a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Georgia.
Dorinda G. Dallmeyer is director of the Environmental Ethics Certificate program at the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design.
Janice Simon is the Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching associate Professor of Art History at the University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art.
Kevin Grogan is director of the Morris Museum of Art, the organizing museum for The Wild Treasury of Nature exhibit.
Wendy Paulson is an environmental educator and conservation advocate.