Secrets of the Forest
The Magic and Mystery of Plants and the Art of Survival

Mark Warren


As a survival book and guide, Secrets of the Forest shows you how to explore “the real world” and to come to know it as your home. That “real world”—whether it be forest, field, swamp, prairie, or desert—is waiting for you to return to your primordial roots. In entering this “real world,” you will encounter the same kinds of wild places as the ancients who invented and practiced these skills of survival. True, the environment might now be modified by human encroachment or by alien plants that have made their way into your area, but—with some exceptions—it generally comprises the same biodiversity of flora and fauna as found in ancient times. And surviving in this “real world” will pluck the atavistic string deep inside your marrow.

Page count: 320
Trim size: 6 x 9


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Mark Warren provides survival training at Medicine Bow, a wilderness school in the north Georgia mountains. As a premed student who majored in chemistry, he was introduced to the chemicals assembled in and extracted from plants. Later, as a naturalist, he has shared his knowledge with thousands of students, from preschoolers to octogenarians. This unique book includes the survival knowledge, tips, and activities that Warren has collected over half a century of survivalist teaching.