Vascular Flora of Georgia
An Annotated Checklist

Wilbur H. Duncan and John T. Kartesz


This is an annotated list of 3,686 species, subspecies, varieties, and hybrids occurring in Georgia. Rare and endangered species are also noted.

Vascular Flora of Georgia is the first up-to-date listing of authentic names; from this, a researcher can check to see if a species occurs in an area and where it occurs within the state. The list is the result of Wilbur Duncan’s decades of work as a leading botanist in Georgia. His exhaustive studies, coupled with the research of John Kartesz, make the taxonomical classifications of this listing valuable beyond the boundaries of the state.

Kartesz has contacted several hundred researchers around the world for their latest classification information, some of it not yet published elsewhere. Attractively bound as a field manual, Vascular Flora of Georgia will serve as a ready reference tool in classification. A list of synonyms allows the user to refer to published floras of other areas. A map of Georgia is included with the five physical provinces of the state accurately noted for location of species.

Page count: 160 pp.
Trim size: 6 x 9

Read more about the endangered flora of Georgia at the New Georgia Encyclopedia.


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