Two Cities
On Exile, History, and the Imagination

Adam Zagajewski Translated by Lillian Vallee

"Mature, honest, and as complex as the social, historical, and economic conditions out of which it rose."—Kirkus Reviews


"A compelling and thought-provoking group of essays . . . As the parts of [Zagajewski's] life story begin to fall into place, an ironic and sad tapestry unrolls itself. Yet he's not all gloom and doom: he's often funny, and his humility is a strong virtue."

"Zagajewski . . . infuses these haunting autobiographical sketches, lyrical reflections, fables, fantasies, and aphoristic brief essays with a sense of traumatic loss and uprootedness."
Publishers Weekly

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In this varied collection of deeply personal, lyrical essays and short literary sketches, leading contemporary Polish poet Adam Zagajewski contends with the effects of coming of age, both artistically and intellectually, in a totalitarian regime. No matter their subject, Zagajewski's essays have the subtlety and resonance of poetry; his is one of the most intriguing voices in today's Europe.
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Adam Zagajewski is the author of several books of poetry, including Tremor and Mysticism for Beginners. He divides his time between Paris and Houston, where he is on the faculty of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston.