Through the Arch
An Illustrated Guide to the University of Georgia Campus

Larry B. Dendy

An illustrated tour through the architectural history of one of the South's oldest and most influential universities


“This stunning campus guide documents how our university has balanced its commitment to preservation and its need for expansion. To discover this beautiful place where the old and the new, the historic and the unprecedented, stand side by side, begin here in these pages.”
—Dr. M. Louise McBee, Vice President Emeritus for Academic Affairs

"[Through the Arch is] full of photographs and will also take readers into unexpected places. . . . Through the Arch is a comprehensive description of the campus today."
—Lee Shearer, Athens Banner-Herald

“[A] fine addition to the literature on UGA . . . Larry Dendy is an excellent guide to this increasingly complex story.”
—F. N. Boney, from the foreword

"Larry Dendy shows us that UGA is all things a friend should be and has earned respectful attention. This book allows us to take a stroll through the campus arm-in-arm with its history and sense of place."
—Terry Camp, UGA alumnus and co-owner of The Globe

“When I want to feel young, I stroll by the Arch and make a lap around North Campus. With a few steps, it’s 1966—again. And now we have Larry Dendy’s Through the Arch. With its wonderful compilation of photos and lore, it’s like stepping into a time machine, extolling past and present, with a glimpse of what we might expect in the future. I’ll be stepping into this UGA masterpiece—time and time again.”
—Dink NeSmith, ABJ 1970, President, Community Newspapers, Inc., and Chairman, USG Board of Regents

"Larry Dendy's new guide to the University of Georgia campus is an essential work for anyone interested in history and buildings in Athens."
—Rebecca McCarthy, Athens Patch

"This fascinating look into the history and stories behind the University of Georgia's campus will be the perfect gift for any UGA student past or present."
—Janey Geddis, Athens Magazine

"Much more than a guide to campus landmarks, this volume contains a wealth of historical detail and cultural perspective that would be a useful tool for the UGA freshmen first‐year experience. With a succinct and highly accessible approach, Dendy has created a valuable resource that would appeal to current students, alumni, and anyone interested in UGA’s campus and its place in Georgia history."
—M. Benjamin Barton, Georgia Library Quarterly

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Through the Arch captures UGA’s colorful past, dynamic present, and promising future in a novel way: by surveying its buildings, structures, and spaces. These physical features are the university’s most visible—and some of its most valuable—resources. Yet they are largely overlooked, or treated only passingly, in histories and standard publications about UGA.

Through text and photographs, this book places buildings and spaces in the context of UGA’s development over more than 225 years. After opening with a brief historical overview of the university, the book profiles over 140 buildings, landmarks, and spaces, their history, appearance, and past and current usage, as well as their namesake, beginning with the oldest structures on North Campus and progressing to the newest facilities on South and East Campus and the emerging Northwest Quadrant. Many profiles are supplemented with sidebars relating traditions, lore, facts, or alumni recollections associated with buildings and spaces.

More than just landmarks or static elements of infrastructure, buildings and spaces embody the university’s values, cultural heritage, and educational purpose. These facilities—many more than a century old—are where students learn, explore, and grow and where faculty teach, research, and create. They harbor the university’s history and traditions, protect its treasures, and hold memories for alumni. The repository for books, documents, artifacts, and tools that contain and convey much of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of human existence, these structures are the legacy of generations. And they are tangible symbols of UGA’s commitment to improve our world through education.

Page count: 224 pp.
113 color photos, 19 b&w photos, 6 maps
Trim size: 7.5 x 9

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Larry B. Dendy worked for thirty-seven years in the UGA Office of Public Affairs as a writer, editor, News Service director, associate director, speechwriter, and special projects manager. He has served as the city editor at the Tifton Gazette, as a reporter at the Winston-Salem Journal, and from 1965 to 1967, as a Peace Corps volunteer in India. He received his bachelor of arts in journalism from UGA in 1965.