There Goes the Neighborhood
Cartoons on the Environment

Sidney Harris
Introduction by Harold Fromm

Laugh yourself green!


"Sidney Harris offers us a gift of humor and environmental sensibility in a cartoon wrapper."
—Whit Gibbons, National Public Radio

"Sidney Harris's cartoons provide a humorous and often poignant contribution to the discussion of science and technology."

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Has global warming wilted your sense of humor? Is your patience worn thinner than the ozone layer? If you're overwhelmed by the mess we call our environment, then stretch out under a tree (remember them?) with these cartoons and see if a good laugh won't sweep the cobwebs (and asbestos) from your troubled mind and help renew your commitment to making our earth a better place.

Aside from being just plain hilarious, Sidney Harris is a whiz at subtly defusing hot issues and debunking both the politically conservative and politically correct. Fans who enjoy his work in the New Yorker, Natural History, Playboy, and other popular magazines know that even toxic waste, endangered species, overpopulation, and energy conservation are no challenge for his probing wit and barbed pen.

So, let the bottom-liners, P.R. flaks, and slash-and-burn developers square off against the doomsayers, granolaheads, and tree-huggers. Sidney Harris will help them stay focused on the issues while he gives the rest of us, who ask only for an occasional breath of fresh air and glass of clean water, something to laugh about—and hope for.

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Sidney Harris's work appears regularly in such magazines as the New Yorker, American Scientist, and Playboy. His other cartoon collections include Einstein Simplified: Cartoons on Science, Can't You Guys Read?: Cartoons on Academia, So Sue Me!: Cartoons on the Law, and 101 Funny Things About Global Warming. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut.