Swamp Water

A Novel by Vereen Bell
Foreword by Vereen Bell Jr.


"Swamp Water is, in a sense, melodrama—a fast, taut, somewhat lurid yarn. . . . Mr. Bell, however, knows his people and his background so thoroughly, writes with so much simplicity and directness and such a complete lack of sensationalism, that his story is lifted above the category of the merely thrilling and picturesque. Swamp Water, in fact, is not only a very good tale but very nearly a brilliant one."
New York Times

"This is the sort of American story Americans take to their bosoms, and with good reason."
Times Literary Supplement

Swamp Water, the first novel by a young native of south Georgia, was an immediate critical and financial success. The setting is the mysterious Okefenokee in southern Georgia—"the Swamp that pulled a man down and never let him go." Movie versions were made in 1941 (by Jean Renoir) and in 1951.

Page count: 280 pp.
Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5

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Vereen Bell, Jr. has written an engaging foreword to this new edition, relating the deep significance of the novel to his father's life and to his own. Vereen Bell, Sr. was killed in action in World War II in 1944.