Sunken Cities, Sacred Cenotes, and Golden Sharks
Travels of a Water-Bound Adventurer

Bill Belleville

Take a plunge into the wild side with a veteran diver and writer


"Bill Belleville's writing is like a stream of phosphorescence in the ocean that he loves so well. Belleville's language creates a dreamy double vision, blending archetype and precision so well that the reader is convinced he has not merely read about jeweled morays and pink dolphins but has floated alongside them in tropical waters. These tales are not hairy-chested, macho attempts to conquer snowcapped peaks, but adventures into sensuality and meaning."
—Susan Zakin, author of Coyotes and Town Dogs: Earth First! and the Environmental Movement

"I admire the precision, the poignancy, and the passion of Bill Belleville's prose."
—Don George, Lonely Planet Global Travel Editor

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In Sunken Cities, Sacred Cenotes, and Golden Sharks nature and travel writer Bill Belleville takes us through Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America in quest of the distinctive, the wondrous, the threatened, and the undiscovered. His wanderings take him to the once prosperous, now submerged pirate city of Port Royal, Jamaica, and to an offshore Florida reef just in time for a night dive to witness the seldom-seen spawning of the coral.

In the Dominican Republic, Belleville dives with archaeologists in search of pre-Columbian Taino artifacts, long lost in the dark depths of a sacred cenote. In Trinidad he joins native fishermen in a search for the rare golden hammerhead shark. Whether he is seeking the queen conch off the islands of the Turks and Caicos or the flashlight fish in Cuba's southern waters, Belleville's purpose is always more than adventure for its own sake. Hungering for the distinct sense of a place, he learns all he can about the wild secrets of remote landscapes, from inland jungles to teeming island waters.

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Bill Belleville, an award-winning environmental journalist and filmmaker, is also a veteran diver. His books include River of Lakes and Deep Cuba (both Georgia). His articles, which have appeared in such publications as Sierra Magazine, Oxford American, Islands, and Salon, have been anthologized in six other collections. Belleville lives in Sanford, Florida.