Southern Odyssey
Selected Writings by Sherwood Anderson

Edited by Welford Dunaway Taylor and Charles E. Modlin

Portraits of the South by a major American writer


"Seldom given as much attention as they deserve, the archetypal Ohioan Anderson's last 16 years in and around Virginia are the focus of this helpfully introduced and unobtrusively annotated selection of essays. . . . These essays, all vintage Anderson in style and tone, help explain the last phase of a seminal American literary career. Recommended for all libraries."
Library Journal

Southern Odyssey contains the best of Sherwood Anderson's writings about the region where he spent the last sixteen years of his life. In more than forty selections of journalism and fiction, Anderson explores the people and problems of the South.

The pieces collected here present Anderson's perceptive vision of the South, combining his love for the region with the fresh observations of an outsider. His work reflects a range of issues that engaged all southerners at a crucial time in their history—the Great Depression, the influence of the New Deal, the painful transition from agriculture to mechanization, the struggle of labor to unionize, and the elemental divisions of race—always with an eye toward the human side of things.

Anderson's impressions and convictions concerning his southern experience encompassed more than its troubles, however. He also wrote of the splendor of a Shenandoah spring and the strength of character of the native people. Southern Odyssey is more than a personal record—it is a gallery of southern portraits, drawn in the style that distinguishes Anderson's prose at its best.

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Sherwood Anderson (1876–1941) is the author of Winesburg, Ohio and Horses and Men. Welford Dunaway Taylor is Bostwick Professor of English at the University of Richmond. Charles E. Modlin is a professor of English at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.