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The End of Slavery in New York City, 1770–1810

Shane White


"White has written the most comprehensive account now available of the abolition of slavery in New York City. His most striking findings, however, concern not the process of emancipation but the extent of New York's involvement with slavery in the colonial and revolutionary periods."
The Nation

"Provocative and well-argued, it challenges us to rethink the whole nature of northern slavery and the emancipation process."
American Historical Review

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Shane White creatively uses a remarkable array of primary sources—census data, tax lists, city directories, diaries, newspapers and magazines, and courtroom testimony—to reconstruct the content and context of the slave's world in New York and its environs during the revolutionary and early republic periods. White explores, among many things, the demography of slavery, the decline of the institution during and after the Revolution, racial attitudes, acculturation, and free blacks' "creative adaptation to an often hostile world."
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Shane White is a senior lecturer in history at the University of Sydney, Australia.