Sea Islands of Georgia
Their Geologic History

Count D. Gibson

The “Golden Isles” off Georgia’s coast are important sources of history and legend. Oglethorpe’s activities there, the Battle of Bloody Marsh, Fort Frederica, Spanish missionaries—all are prominent in Georgia history. Published in 1948, Sea Islands of Georgia focuses on their geologic history as it was understood at the time. Count D. Gibson describes the various stages in the formation of the islands and explains modifications that occurred in the past. General information about tides, artesian wells, winds, climate, and other natural phenomena are included. Sea Islands of Georgia was intended to be a resource for visitors to the Georgia coast.
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Count D. Gibson was head of the Department of Geology at the Georgia School of Technology. As a child, he developed an interest in the natural history of Georgia's coast during summers spent on St. Simon's Island, where he eventually retired.