Reader's guides

God's Little Acre
A Novel by Erskine Caldwell
Foreword by Lewis Nordan

Tobacco Road
A Novel by Erskine Caldwell
Foreword by Lewis Nordan

Tracking Desire
A Journey after Swallow-tailed Kites
Susan Cerulean

Zoro's Field
My Life in the Appalachian Woods
Thomas Rain Crowe
Foreword by Christopher Camuto

A Cry of Angels
A Novel by Jeff Fields
Foreword by Terry Kay

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
A Novel by Chris Fuhrman

Useful Gifts
Stories by Carole L. Glickfeld

Chicken Dreaming Corn
A Novel by Roy Hoffman

The Year the Lights Came On
A Novel by Terry Kay
Afterword by William J. Scheick

Strange Birds in the Tree of Heaven
A Novel by Karen Salyer McElmurray

Surrendered Child
A Birth Mother's Journey
Karen Salyer McElmurray

The Sweet Everlasting
A Novel by Judson Mitcham

A novel based on the life of Winnie Davis, Daughter of the Confederacy
Julia Oliver

The Celestial Jukebox
A Novel by Cynthia Shearer

The Heart of a Distant Forest
A Novel by Philip Lee Williams