Other Souths
Diversity and Difference in the U.S. South, Reconstruction to Present

Edited by Pippa Holloway

Outside the mainstream of southern history


"This splendid collection captures the South's complex history from Reconstruction to the present. Incorporating race, class, and gender; sexuality, morality, and popular culture; immigration, environmentalism, and peace politics, Other Souths illuminates traditional issues from new and compelling perspectives."
—Nancy A. Hewitt, author of Southern Discomfort: Women's Activism in Tampa, Florida

"A useful teaching text and important intellectual piece...From the public political acts of lowcountry freedwomen to the discovery of the real John Henry, the interrogation of suspected lesbian educators, and the Latinization of the southern landscape, Other Souths uncovers the multiple layers of southern politics, rendering obsolete the divide between public and private or between grassroots politics and more formal electoral politics. In the process, the collection offers the possibilities of comparing big questions across time and place."
Journal of Interdisciplinary History

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Other Souths collects fifteen innovative essays that place issues of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality at the center of the narrative of southern history. Using a range of methodologies and approaches, contributing historians provide a fresh perspective to key events and move long-overlooked episodes into prominence.

Pippa Holloway edited the volume using a chronological and event-driven framework with which many students and teachers will be familiar. The book covers well-recognized topics in American history: wars, reform efforts, social movements, and political milestones. Cultural topics are considered as well, including the development of consumer capitalism, the history of rock and roll, and the history of sport. The focus and organization of the essays underscore the value of southern history to the larger national narrative.

Other Souths reveals the history of what may strike some as a surprisingly dynamic and nuanced region—a region better understood by paying closer and more careful attention to its diversity.

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Pippa Holloway is an associate professor of history at Middle Tennessee State University. She is the author of Sexuality, Politics, and Social Control in Virginia, 1920–1945.