On the Plantation
A Story of a Georgia Boy's Adventures During the War

Joel Chandler Harris
Foreword by Erskine Caldwell
Illustrated by E. W. Kemble


"On the Plantation is an interesting and eloquent story depicting a small but significant segment of American life in earlier years. It has succeeded in surviving the ravages of time and consequently has earned the right to be included in the library and memorable southern novels."
—Erskine Caldwell

"Harris pulls out all the stops, which will intrigue all readers today as it did over eighty years ago."
Georgia Librarian

The enduring fame of Joel Harris as a skillful storyteller had its beginning with the publication of the first of his enchanting Uncle Remus stories. These and other local color tales were written to sound as if they were being told to a group of small children on a winter night beside a blazing fireplace of a middle Georgia farmhouse. And ever since his stories first appeared in print, it has yet to be resolved who enjoys them the most—a child or the adult reading them aloud.

Page count: 248 pp.
Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5

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