North Carolina’s Amazing Coast
Natural Wonders from Alligators to Zoeas

David Bryant, George Davidson, Terri Kirby Hathaway, and Kathleen Angione
Illustrated by Charlotte Ingram

Head for the coast and become a nature know-it-all!


"The science textbooks we use provide general information, so I was really excited to get some hands-on materials for our kids that are specific to North Carolina."
—Patti Phelps, elementary teacher in Beaufort County

"Just in time for beachcombing season. . . . [North Carolina's Amazing Coast] is ideal for families seeking to learn a little about nature during a beach visit."
—Ben Steelman, Wilmington Star-News

"The illustrator, Charlotte Ingram, has a simple yet descriptive style of capturing the essence of each entry. . . . Ingram's style is well used here as this book is not designed to be used for strict identification, but as a springboard for further inquiry. This fun book is a great addition to the library of a budding naturalist or a seasoned scientist whether they live along the coast or like to visit North Carolina."
—Rhana Paris, The Naturalist

"The text is delightful, packing numerous interesting facts into a few short paragraphs. Each has its share of cleverly-written, humorous snippets. . . .The most amazing thing about North Carolina’s Amazing Coast is that it is not just for children, and not just for people from North Carolina, it is enthralling reading for everyone interested in nature!"
—Roberta Gibson, Growing With Science

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Fun and learning come together in North Carolina's Amazing Coast, an inviting collection of one hundred short, self-contained features about the flora, fauna, and natural history of that fascinating place where land meets sea. Each page includes a full-color illustration and breezy, fact-filled commentary on coastal wildlife from fifty-foot-long northern right whales to single-cell plankton, from shy red wolves to overbearingly sociable sand gnats.

Readers will learn about the super-sized fox squirrel, the acting talents of the hognose snake, the health benefits of eating pawpaws, the importance of tidal fluctuations, and much more. North Carolina's Amazing Coast will spark a sense of wonder and inspire readers to learn more about their natural heritage and what they can do to preserve it. Used in the "Our Amazing Coast" elementary curriculum developed by the Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence-Southeast, this book makes an excellent educational tool, as well as an inspiring gift for coastal enthusiasts of all ages.

Published in association with North Carolina Sea Grant

Page count: 112 pp.
100 color illustrations
Trim size: 7 x 7


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David Bryant is assistant director for Georgia Sea Grant. George Davidson is a former writer and editor for Georgia Sea Grant. Terri Kirby Hathaway is the marine education specialist for North Carolina Sea Grant. She is a consummate beachcomber, collecting and sharing sand and "beachy" things with friends and educators around the world. Kathleen Angione is a writer, runner, mother, and seafood lover. Formerly a member of the North Carolina Sea Grant communications team, she spent several years as a senior editor for Sea Grant’s Coastwatch magazine. Today her days at the beach involve chasing after her two young children and rediscovering the wonder of North Carolina’s coast through their eyes. Charlotte Ingram is a former graphic artist and web page designer for Georgia Sea Grant.