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Sydney Lea


“Perhaps as much as a naturalist, Lea is a storyteller, and many of his poems begin or end with narrative. All told, the book is abundant and in several ways satisfying.”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Many of the poems in Lea’s rich new book attempt to sustain relations with a personal past defined in terms of dead friends and family members still living in the poet’s memory. . . . Because the power of memory is limited, the tone of the book is often brooding and rueful; but the repeated recollections gradually gain the force of religious ritual. Though no signs of grace are granted, we are made to feel the ritual is of vital importance.”
—Carl Dennis, Denver Quarterly

“A moving collection of elegies and celebration written by a poet who still takes seriously the possibilities of language to embody both meaning and the ephemeral beauties of the passing world.”
Lebanon Valley News

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In Sydney Lea’s poems, purest joy and woe flash amid the mundane, and beauty knows the full range of nature—from the plumed tension of a newborn child twisting away from the ready breast to bright birds lying dead on the winter lawn. Many of these poems are backward looking, savoring the gentle pause at summer’s end, recalling with fledgling hope former victories of spring, seeking in the woeful host of memory something that has held its charge.

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Sydney Lea is a poet, essayist, and novelist whose many works include Young of the Year and A Little Wildness: Some Notes on Rambling. He was founder and long time editor of the New England Review. In 2011 he was named the Poet Laureate of Vermont.