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Title Author Series/Imprints
John Bachman Bachman, John The Publications of the Southern Texts Society
The Prestige of Violence Bachner, Sally
Lyddy Bacon, Eugenia Jones
African Americans in the South Baer, Hans A. Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings
Shadows on My Heart Baer, Elizabeth R.
The Bible According to Mark Twain Baetzhold, Howard G.
Invisible Southerners Bailey, Anne J. Georgia Southern University Jack N. and Addie D. Averitt Lecture Series
Creating Georgia Baine, Rodney M.
Mountain Blood Baker, Will Association of Writers and Writing Programs Award for Creative Nonfiction
Of Gods and Games Baker, William J. George H. Shriver Lecture Series in Religion and American History
Critical Memory Baker Jr., Houston A. Georgia Southern University Jack N. and Addie D. Averitt Lecture Series
Remembering Heaven's Face Balaban, John
Great and Noble Jar Baldwin, Cinda K.
To Live an Antislavery Life Ball, Erica L. Race in the Atlantic World, 1700-1900
Reconsidering Roots Ball, Erica L. Since 1970: Histories of Contemporary America
A Long Shadow Ballard, Michael B.
The Downstream Extremity of the Isle of Swans Bang, Mary Jo
New Studies in the History of American Slavery Baptist, Edward E.
The Poems of Anna Letitia Barbauld Barbauld, Anna Letitia
American Cinema and the Southern Imaginary Barker, Deborah The New Southern Studies
Winter Sky Barks, Coleman Brown Thrasher Books
Hummingbird Sleep Barks, Coleman
Fitzgerald Barnes, Trevor Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation
The Priority of Injustice Barnett, Clive Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation
The Major Prose of Thomas Henry Huxley Barr, Alan P.
Making the San Fernando Valley Barraclough, Laura R. Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation
Anchored Yesterdays Barrow, Elfrida De Renne
The Evolution of Southern Culture Bartley, Numan V.
The Creation of Modern Georgia Second Edition Bartley, Numan V.
The Travels of William Bartram Bartram, William
Philip Juras: The Southern Frontier Bartram, William
The Adventures of Roderick Random Basker, James G. Works of Tobias Smollett
The Transformation of Southern Politics Bass, Jack
Transforming Scriptures Bassard, Katherine Clay
Common Houses in America's Small Towns Bastian, Robert W.
Living Conditions, Disasters and Development Bates, Frederick L.
The Parisian Prowler Second Edition Baudelaire, Charles
Public Worship, Private Faith Bealle, John
Tobias Smollett Beasley, Jerry C.
Lord Brain Beasley, Bruce
Christian Ritual and the Creation of British Slave Societies, 1650-1740 Beasley, Nicholas M. Race in the Atlantic World, 1700-1900
The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom Beasley, Jerry C. Works of Tobias Smollett
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast Beaton, Giff A Wormsloe Foundation Nature Book
The Breeding Bird Atlas of Georgia Beaton, Giff
Hush, Child! Can't You Hear the Music? Beaumont, Charles
Cultural Diversity in the U.S. South Beaver, Patricia D. Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings
Black Elvis Becker, Geoffrey Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction
The Spirit of International Law Bederman, David J. The Spirit of the Laws
The Violence of the Morning Bedient, Cal
Civil Rights and Beyond Behnken, Brian D.
Reconstructing Democracy Behrend, Justin
Re-Writing America Beidler, Philip D.
Scriptures for a Generation Beidler, Philip D.
The Good War's Greatest Hits Beidler, Philip D.
American Wars, American Peace Beidler, Philip D.
Late Thoughts on an Old War Beidler, Philip D.
American Literature and the Experience of Vietnam Beidler, Philip D.
Liberation in Print Beins, Agatha Since 1970: Histories of Contemporary America
Federal Law and Southern Order Belknap, Michal R. Southern Legal Studies
Swamp Water Bell, Vereen
Anchored Yesterdays Bell, Laura Palmer
Buried Lives Bell, Richard
Major Butler's Legacy Bell Jr., Malcolm
Swamp Water Bell Jr., Vereen
River of Lakes Belleville, Bill
Sunken Cities, Sacred Cenotes, and Golden Sharks Belleville, Bill
Deep Cuba Belleville, Bill
Writing Revolution Bellis, Peter J.
Brother Jesus Ben-Chorin, Schalom
Berry Benson's Civil War Book Benson, Berry
Berry Benson's Civil War Book Benson, Susan Williams
Pageantry in the Shakespearean Theater Bergeron, David M.
Grace Towns Hamilton and the Politics of Southern Change Bergmark, Jean B.
The Elements of Confederate Defeat Beringer, Richard E.
Why the South Lost the Civil War Beringer, Richard E.
Screening a Lynching Bernstein, Matthew H.
Princes of Cotton Berry, Stephen Publications of the Southern Texts Society
Weirding the War Berry, Stephen UnCivil Wars
Monograph Berry, Simeon The National Poetry Series
Practical Strangers Berry, Stephen New Perspectives on the Civil War Era
Slavery and Freedom in Savannah Berry, Daine Ramey
AIA Guide to the Architecture of Atlanta Beswick, Paul
In the Public's Interest Bhan, Gautam Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation
Joel Chandler Harris Bickley Jr., R. Bruce
The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary Bierce, Ambrose
Communities of Kinship Billingsley, Carolyn Earle
Communists on Campus Billingsley, William J.
Stutter Billiter, William The National Poetry Series
Flight Patterns Bilstein, Roger
New Cultural Studies Birchall, Clare
The Lost Boys of Sudan Bixler, Mark
Charleston Syllabus Blain, Keisha N.
Revolutionizing Expectations Blair, Melissa Estes
Farewell, My Lovelies Blakely, Diann
Hurricane Walk Blakely, Diann
Latino Workers in the Contemporary South Blanchard, Colleen Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings
Tyrannicide Blanck, Emily Southern Legal Studies
Call It Experience Bledsoe, Erik
Tokens of Affection Bleser, Carol K.
Beyond Freedom Blight, David W. UnCivil Wars
Ordinary Lives in the Early Caribbean Block, Kristen Early American Places
Ethnoecology Blount, Ben G.
Georgia Boy Blount Jr., Roy
Crackers Blount, Jr., Roy
Experimenting on the Borders of Modernism Bluemel, Kristin
Farm Tenancy and the Census in Antebellum Georgia Bode, Frederick A.
Founding Fictions Boesky, Amy
The First Anesthetic Boland, Frank Kells
Autobiographical Reflections on Southern Religious History Boles, John B.
Shapers of Southern History Boles, John B.
The Confessions of Edward Isham Bolton, Charles C.
The Star Creek Papers Bond, Horace Mann
Tennessee Women Volume 2 Bond, Beverly Greene Southern Women: Their Lives and Times
The Star Creek Papers Bond, Julia W.
Tennessee Women Volume 1 Bond, Beverly Southern Women: Their Lives and Times
Where the New World Is Bone, Martyn The New Southern Studies
A Walking Tour of the University of Georgia Boney, F. N.
A Pictorial History of the University of Georgia Second Edition Boney, F. N.
A History of Georgia Agriculture, 1732-1860 Bonner, James C.
Georgia's Last Frontier Bonner, James C.
Bibliography of Georgia Authors, 1949-1965 Bonner Jr., John W.
Alone atop the Hill Booker, Carol McCabe
Alone atop the Hill Booker, Simeon
The Selected Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson Bosco, Ronald A.
The Later Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1843-1871 Volume 1 Bosco, Ronald A.
The Later Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1843-1871 Volume 2 Bosco, Ronald A.
Mulattas and Mestizas Bost, Suzanne
Conscientious Thinking Bosworth, David Georgia Review Books
Oglethorpe's Dream Bottoms, David
Cherokee Editor Boudinot, Elias
You Have Seen Their Faces Bourke-White, Margaret
Let Them Eat Data Bowers, C. A.
Educating for Eco-Justice and Community Bowers, C. A.
Mound Sites of the Ancient South Bowne, Eric
Southern Homes and Plan Books Boykin, Sarah J.
The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Brack, Jr., O M
A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood Braden, Allen The VQR Poetry Series
Curled in the Bed of Love Brady, Catherine Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction
War upon the Land Brady, Lisa M. Environmental History and the American South
De Renne Bragg, William Harris A Wormsloe Foundation Publication
Reading the Roots Branch, Michael P.
The ISLE Reader Branch, Michael P.
The Decision to Attack Brantly, Aaron Franklin Studies in Security and International Affairs
Bloomberg's New York Brash, Julian Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation
The Gorgon's Head Brashear, William R.
The Politics of Whiteness Brattain, Michelle
S. S. Savannah, the Elegant Steam Ship Braynard, Frank O.
Imagining the Past Breen, T. H.
Large Animals in Everyday Life Brenner, Wendy Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction
Mexico and the United States Fourth Edition Brescia, Michael M. United States and the Americas
Crackers in the Glade Briggs, Betty Savidge
Remapping Southern Literature Brinkmeyer Jr., Robert H. Mercer University Lamar Memorial Lectures
Wild Pigs in the United States Brisbin Jr., I. Lehr
The Violence Within / The Violence Without Brogan, Jacqueline Vaught
Joel Chandler Harris, Folklorist Brookes, Stella Brewer
The Language of the American South Brooks, Cleanth Mercer University Lamar Memorial Lectures
South to Bataan, North to Mukden Brougher, W. Edward
Stepping Lively in Place Broussard, Joyce Linda
Allegory of the Supermarket Brown, Stephanie
The Measured Word Brown, Kurt
William Wells Brown Brown, William Wells
Crossroads of Conflict Brown, Barry L.
Zero to Three Brown, F. Douglas The Cave Canem Poetry Prize
Party Out of Bounds 25th Anniversary Edition Brown, Rodger Lyle Music of the American South
Liberty's Captives Brown, Christina Riley
Warren H. Manning Brown, Jane Roy Critical Perspectives in the History of Environmental Design
The Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook Brown, Alton
Drawing of a Swan Before Memory Browne, Laynie
Deep in Our Hearts Browning, Joan C.
Field Guide to the Ferns and Other Pteridophytes of Georgia Bruce, James G.
Here, George Washington Was Born Bruggeman, Seth C.
The Law of the White Circle Brundage , W. Fitzhugh
The Material of Poetry Bruns, Gerald L. Georgia Southern University Jack N. and Addie D. Averitt Lecture Series
Tokens of Affection Bryan, Maria
Confederate Georgia Bryan, T. Conn
Georgia's Amazing Coast Bryant, David
North Carolina's Amazing Coast Bryant, David
F. Scott Fitzgerald Bryer, Jackson R.
Weeds of the South Bryson, Charles T. A Wormsloe Foundation Nature Book
Weeds of the Midwestern United States and Central Canada Bryson, Charles T.
What Animal Buchanan, Oni
The Three Governors Controversy Buchanan, Scott E.
Shadows on My Heart Buck, Lucy Rebecca
The Inward Morning Bugbee, Henry
Turtles of the Southeast Buhlmann, Kurt A Wormsloe Foundation Nature Book
Robert Stafford of Cumberland Island Bullard, Mary R.
Cumberland Island Bullard, Mary R. A Wormsloe Foundation Publication
The Three Governors Controversy Bullock, Charles S.
The Subordinated Sex Revised Edition Bullough, Vern L.
Fitzgerald Bunge, William Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation
Tyler, Wilkin, and Skee Burch, Robert
D.J.'s Worst Enemy Burch, Robert
Renfroe's Christmas Burch, Robert
The Diary of Dolly Lunt Burge, 1848–1879 Burge, Dolly Lunt
Fate of the Wild Burgess, Bonnie B.
All for Civil Rights Burke, W. Lewis Southern Legal Studies
The Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney Burney, Sarah Harriet
I Am a Fugitive from a Georgia Chain Gang! Burns, Robert E.
Rage in the Gate City Revised Edition Burns, Rebecca
A Stanley Burnshaw Reader Burnshaw, Stanley
Storytellers Burrison, John A.
Shaping Traditions Burrison, John A.
Brothers in Clay Burrison, John A.
From Mud to Jug Burrison, John A. A Wormsloe Foundation Publication
Billy Watson's Croker Sack Burroughs, Franklin
The River Home Burroughs, Franklin
A Familiar Strangeness Burrows, Stuart
Penn Center Burton, Orville Vernon
Born to Rebel Burton, Orville Vernon
Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Busch, Nathan E. Studies in Security and International Affairs
Who Gets a Childhood? Bush, William S. Politics and Culture in the Twentieth-Century South
The Letters of Mark Twain and Joseph Hopkins Twichell Bush, Harold K.
Situado and Sabana Bushnell, Amy Turner
Conrad Aiken Butscher, Edward
Rage in the Gate City Revised Edition Butts, June Dobbs
Seizing the Word Byerman, Keith E.
Fingering the Jagged Grain Byerman, Keith E.
The Art and Life of Clarence Major Byerman, Keith E.
Jean Toomer's Years with Gurdjieff Byrd, Rudolph P.
Generations in Black and White Byrd, Rudolph P.
Music in Eighteenth-Century Georgia Byrnside, Ron