Keywords for Southern Studies

Edited by Scott Romine and Jennifer Rae Greeson

The current state of southern studies, and several paths for expansion and discovery


“The collection effectively and persuasively makes clear that there is nothing fixed or stable about the South. . . . The essays in Keywords for Southern Studies each point out the bins we have written ourselves into when we essentialize.”
—Sarah E. Gardner, The Journal of Southern History


In Keywords for Southern Studies, editors Scott Romine and Jennifer Rae Greeson have compiled an eclectic collection of new essays that address the fluidity of southern studies by adopting a transnational, interdisciplinary focus. The essays are structured around critical terms pertinent both to the field and to modern life in general.

The nonbinary, nontraditional approach of Keywords unmasks and refutes standard binary thinking—First World/Third World, self/other, for instance—that postcolonial studies revealed as a flawed rhetorical structure for analyzing empire. Instead, Keywords promotes a holistic way of thinking that begins with southern studies but extends beyond.


Incarceration: Houston A. Baker, Jr.
Plantation: Matthew Pratt Guterl
Nation: Jennifer Rae Greeson
Empire: Harilaos Stecopoulos
Labor: Ted Atkinson
Segregation: Leigh Anne Duck
Black Atlantic: Keith Cartwright
Tropics: Natalie J. Ring
Haiti: Anna Brickhouse
America: Deborah Cohn
Region: Wanda Rushing
Global South: Eric Lott
Creole/Creolization: Shirley Elizabeth Thompson
Black and White: Suzanne W. Jones
Native: Eric Gary Anderson
Latin: Claudia Milian
Folk: Erich Nunn
Queer/Quare: Michael P. Bibler
Consumption: Scott Romine
Performance: Jayna Brown
Book History: Coleman Hutchison
Literature: Thomas F. Haddox
Ecology/Environment: Steven E. Knepper
Structures of feeling
Fetish: John T. Matthews
Fundamentalism: Briallen Hopper
Exceptionalism: Sylvia Shin Huey Chong
Romance/Abjection: Riché Richardson
Modernism/Modernity: Melanie Benson Taylor
Postsouthern: Martyn Bone
Trauma: Jon Smith
The New Southern Studies

Page count: 336 pp.
Trim size: 6 x 9


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Scott Romine is a professor of English at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and the author of The Real South: Southern Narrative in the Age of Cultural Reproduction.
Jennifer Rae Greeson is an associate professor of English at the University of Virginia and the author of Our South: Geographic Fantasy and the Rise of National Literature.