Keeping All the Pieces
Perspectives on Natural History and the Environment

Whit Gibbons
Foreword by Eugene P. Odum


“Gibbons takes his readers on a journey that puts them in touch with the intricacies of the natural world, making it easy to understand why and how we must all become involved in keeping all the pieces.”
—Jay D. Hair, former president of the National Wildlife Federation

“Gibbons’ essays offer a palatable introduction to ecology for people who don’t understand all the ‘fuss’ over the threat to endangered species.”
Los Angeles Times Book Review

With scholarly expertise and infectious enthusiasm, Whit Gibbons explores the many pieces that support our natural environment. Whether describing caterpillar disguises, fish that produce antifreeze, the mutual reliance of rhinoceroses and Trewia trees, or the origins of tumbleweed, he affirms the delicate and intricate biological relationships between species and encourages a deeper knowledge of our natural world. In these essays Gibbons celebrates the beauty of biodiversity and laments the tragedy of “ecovoids,” a term he coined to describe missing components of our environment that we wish were still present but can never be replaced.

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Whit Gibbons, a professor of ecology emeritus at the University of Georgia and head of the Environmental Outreach and Educational Program at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, has written or coauthored more than a dozen popular and scientific ecology books.