John Forsyth
Political Tactitian

Alvin Laroy Duckett


“Because Forsyth was so important, Professor Duckett’s literal recounting of his public career is welcome”
Journal of Southern History

Published in 1962, this is a biography of John Forsyth (1780–1841) who was Governor of Georgia and Secretary of State under both Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Alvin Laroy Duckett chronicles Forsyth’s achievements portraying him as one of Georgia’s most versatile and accomplished politicians. Forsyth was elected Attorney General of Georgia at the age of 28, the first public office he held. He went on to serve as U.S. Representative, Senator, and as a Minister to Spain. He was a leader among a group of southern republicans that helped to win the presidency for Andrew Jackson. Forsyth fought nullification, oversaw the government’s response to the Amistad case, and led the pro-removal reply to the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Though he worked primarily at the federal level, Forsyth also contributed greatly to the development of Georgia during his career.

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Alvin Laroy Duckett taught history at Washington and Lee University and Winthrop College.