Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People
From the Ending of Slavery to the Twenty-First Century

Michael Craton and Gail Saunders
Volume 2

Winner of the 1998-1999 Elsa Goveia Prize for the best book on Caribbean History


"This is an impressive and comprehensive volume. It is wide-ranging and manages to convey a clear picture of present-day Bahamian society."
—Howard Johnson, author of The Bahamas from Slavery to Servitude, 1783-1933

The present work concludes the important and monumental undertaking of Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People, creating the most thorough and comprehensive history yet written of a Caribbean country and its people. In the first volume Michael Craton and Gail Saunders traced the developments of a unique archipelagic nation from aboriginal times to the period just before emancipation. This long-awaited second volume offers a description and interpretation of the social developments of the Bahamas in the years from 1830 to the present.

Volume Two divides this period into three chronological sections, dealing first with adjustments to emancipation by former masters and former slaves between 1834 and 1900, followed by a study of the slow process of modernization between 1900 and 1973 that combines a systematic study of the stimulus of social change, a candid examination of current problems, and a penetrating but sympathetic analysis of what makes the Bahamas and Bahamians distinctive in the world.

This work is an eminent product of the New Social History, intended for Bahamians, others interested in the Bahamas, and scholars alike. It skillfully interweaves generalizations and regional comparisons with particular examples, drawn from travelers' accounts, autobiographies, private letters, and the imaginative reconstruction of official dispatches and newspaper reports. Lavishly illustrated with contemporary photographs and original maps, it stands as a model for forthcoming histories of similar small ex-colonial nations in the region.

Page count: 584 pp.
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Michael Craton is a professor of history at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. He is the author of several books, including Empire, Enslavement, and Freedom in the Caribbean and A History of the Bahamas. Gail Saunders is the Archivist of the Bahamas in Nassau; her works include Bahamian Loyalists and Their Slaves and Bahamian Society After Emancipation.