Ice Age

Stories by Robert Anderson

A penetrating and imaginative look at the peculiarity of modern life


“Finding a story collection like Ice Age was like rounding a corner in a museum and coming upon a roomful of Edward Hoppers. I was filled with a delightfully alternating current of strangeness and familiarity, and knew I was in the hands of an artist whose intelligence and yes, deftness, thrilled me. . . . [An] exceptional debut.”
—Edward Neuert, Salon

“This challenging, eclectic debut collection of short stories turns the world as we know it inside out. Highly inventive . . . Anderson’s sophisticated manipulation of language and narrative leave the reader breathless."
Publishers Weekly

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The ten stories in Robert Anderson's debut collection are an inventive and daring foray into the world of the absurd. Leading us across a wide range of settings, from rural Texas to 1930s Spain to a Gulf War field hospital, Anderson shifts our view of the world to incorporate a set of characters slightly off-center and intriguing in their eccentricity. As we are tossed from one bizarre circumstance to the next, Anderson's sophisticated, sometimes playful prose combines the concrete with the surreal to convince us that we know very little about the world we complacently inhabit.
Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction

Page count: 200 pp.
Trim size: 5.25 x 8


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Robert Anderson is the author of a novel, Little Fugue. He teaches English at the Hua Ren Academy and lives in New York City.