The Hog Book

William Hedgepeth
Drawings by John Findley
Photographs by Al Clayton

An eccentric and entertaining appreciation of Sus domesticus and its relationship with humankind


"Wacky yet serious . . . Hedgepeth has emerged as champion of an animal for which few people have a kind word."
Us Magazine

"Will delight those who have an acquaintance with [hogs] as well as the vast majority whose only contact with them is in the form of pork chops."
New York Times

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The Hog Book is one of the most radical works in the annals of classic animal literature. This is the definitive work that touched off the whole recent revolution in our hog awareness leading to the ever-spreading acceptance of pigs as pets, as working partners, organ donors, movie stars, and so many other fresh manifestations of the barely tapped porcine potential. The Hog Book is also a lot of fun.
Page count: 288 pp.
Trim size: 7 x 10


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William Hedgepeth is a dedicated Animalarian, veteran journalist, editor and author, who lives deep in the forests of Appalachian Georgia with his journalist wife and a loyal battalion of beasts.