An Aesthetics of Junk Fiction

The American Roman Noir
Hammett, Cain, and Chandler

The American South in the Twentieth Century

American Wars, American Peace
Notes from a Son of the Empire

The Amistad Revolt
Memory, Slavery, and the Politics of Identity in the United States and Sierra Leone

The Big Tent
The Traveling Circus in Georgia, 1820–1930

Black Masculinity and the U.S. South
From Uncle Tom to Gangsta

But Is It Garbage?
On Rock and Trash

The Chicken Book

The Civil Rights Movement in American Memory

The Countercultural South

Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture

Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
An Introduction

Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
A Reader

The Dinner Party
Judy Chicago and the Power of Popular Feminism, 1970–2007

Dixie Emporium
Tourism, Foodways, and Consumer Culture in the American South

Dixie Lullaby
A Story of Music, Race, and New Beginnings in a New South

Everybody Sing!
Community Singing in the American Picture Palace

Find the Director and Other Hitchcock Games

Finding Purple America
The South and the Future of American Cultural Studies

Flashes of a Southern Spirit
Meanings of the Spirit in the U.S. South

Foul and Fair Play
Reading Genre in Classic Detective Fiction

The Ghosts of Guerrilla Memory
How Civil War Bushwhackers Became Gunslingers in the American West

The Girl Sleuth

The Good War's Greatest Hits
World War II and American Remembering

Highbrows, Hillbillies, and Hellfire
Public Entertainment in Atlanta, 1880–1930

Judgment and Grace in Dixie
Southern Faiths from Faulkner to Elvis

A Late Encounter with the Civil War

Late Thoughts on an Old War
The Legacy of Vietnam

Literary Celebrity and Public Life in the Nineteenth-Century United States

Love, Liberation, and Escaping Slavery
William and Ellen Craft in Cultural Memory

Loyalty on the Line
Civil War Maryland in American Memory

Making War, Making Women
Femininity and Duty on the American Home Front, 1941–1945

Media-Made Dixie
The South in the American Imagination

Millennium Folk
American Folk Music since the Sixties

The Highway Experience in America

The Nashville Sound
Bright Lights and Country Music

New Cultural Studies
Adventures in Theory

On Tarzan

Practical Research Methods for Media and Cultural Studies
Making People Count

Racing in Place
Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins

Re-Writing America
Vietnam Authors in Their Generation

Real Punks Don't Wear Black

Realism and the Birth of the Modern United States
Literature, Cinema, and Culture

Red States
Indigeneity, Settler Colonialism, and Southern Studies

Redefining Southern Culture
Mind and Identity in the Modern South

Redrawing the Historical Past
History, Memory, and Multiethnic Graphic Novels

Scriptures for a Generation
What We Were Reading in the '60s

The Silent Game
The Real World of Imaginary Spies

The Simple Life
Plain Living and High Thinking in American Culture

Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers
Southern Culture and the Roots of Country Music

Smile When You Call Me a Hillbilly
Country Music's Struggle for Respectability, 1939–1954

Sounding the Color Line
Music and Race in the Southern Imagination

The South of the Mind
American Imaginings of White Southernness, 1960–1980

Southern Folk, Plain and Fancy
Native White Social Types

The Southern Hospitality Myth
Ethics, Politics, Race, and American Memory

Steal This Music
How Intellectual Property Law Affects Musical Creativity

The Trash Phenomenon
Contemporary Literature, Popular Culture, and the Making of the American Century

Johnny Cash, The Mafia, Shakespeare, Drum Music, St. Teresa Of Avila, And 17 Other Colossal Topics Of Conversation

Uncle Tom Mania
Slavery, Minstrelsy, and Transatlantic Culture in the 1850s

Weirding the War
Stories from the Civil War’s Ragged Edges

Words and Music
A History of Pop in the Shape of a City