NATURE / Ecology

The Breeding Bird Atlas of Georgia

Dwellers in the Land
The Bioregional Vision

Educating for Eco-Justice and Community

Knowledge, Resources, and Rights

Eugene Odum
Ecosystem Ecologist and Environmentalist

Grounding Knowledge
Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology, and Place

Keeping All the Pieces
Perspectives on Natural History and the Environment

Life's Philosophy
Reason and Feeling in a Deeper World

Man in the Landscape
A Historic View of the Esthetics of Nature

Nature and Madness

The Philosophy of Ecology
From Science to Synthesis

Portrait of an Island

The Tender Carnivore and the Sacred Game

Thinking Animals
Animals and the Development of Human Intelligence

The Travels of William Bartram
Naturalist Edition

Virgin Forest
Meditations on History, Ecology, and Culture

The Way
An Ecological World-View

Where We Belong
Beyond Abstraction in Perceiving Nature