The Aesthetics of Power
The Poetry of Adrienne Rich

Afro-Modernist Aesthetics and the Poetry of Sterling A. Brown

Alone in the Dawn
The Life of Adelaide Crapsey

Anne Finch and Her Poetry
A Critical Biography

The Anne Finch Wellesley Manuscript Poems
A Critical Edition

Another Beauty

Baudelaire Judged by Spanish Critics, 1857-1957

Baudelaire's "Argot Plastique"
Poetic Caricature and Modernism

The Burdens of Formality
Essays on the Poetry of Anthony Hecht

Conrad Aiken
Poet of White Horse Vale

A Difficult Grace
On Poets, Poetry, and Writing

The Fate of American Poetry

The Flexible Lyric

God and the Imagination
On Poets, Poetry, and the Ineffable

Imagining the Earth
Poetry and the Vision of Nature

Into a Light Both Brilliant and Unseen
Conversations with Contemporary Black Poets

John Ashbery and You
His Later Books

Language Recreated
Seventeenth-Century Metaphorists and the Act of Metaphor

Mastery's End
Travel and Postwar American Poetry

The Material of Poetry
Sketches for a Philosophical Poetics

The Measured Word
On Poetry and Science

The Muse in the Machine
Essays on Poetry and the Anatomy of the Body Politic

Poetry as Persuasion

Poetry as Survival

A Poetry of Two Minds

Positive as Sound
Emily Dickinson's Rhyme

Radical Visions
Poetry by Vietnam Veterans

Reading Race
White American Poets and the Racial Discourse in the Twentieth Century

The Reflective Journey Toward Order
Essays on Dante, Wordsworth, Eliot, and Others

A Sense of Regard
Essays on Poetry and Race

T. S. Eliot
An Essay on the American Magus

This Compost
Ecological Imperatives in American Poetry

Toward Robert Frost
The Reader and the Poet

The Violence Within / The Violence Without
Wallace Stevens and the Emergence of a Revolutionary Poetics

Walden by Haiku

The World’s Hieroglyphic Beauty
Five American Poets