Ben Jonson's London
A Jacobean Place Name Dictionary

Bertolt Brecht
Political Theory and Literary Practice

Cultural Readings of Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Theater

Eugene O'Neill's Last Plays
Separating Art from Autobiography

The Gorgon's Head
A Study in Tragedy and Despair

Hamlet's Search for Meaning

The Idea of the City in the Age of Shakespeare

Look to the Lady
Sarah Siddons, Ellen Terry, and Judi Dench on the Shakespearean Stage

Mankynde in Shakespeare

Missing Persons
Essays on Character and Characterization in Modern Drama

Pageantry in the Shakespearean Theater

Paul Green, Playwright of the Real South

Shakespeare's Comic Changes
The Time-Lapse Metaphor as a Plot Device

Spirits Finely Touched
The Testing of Value and Integrity in Four Shakespearean Plays

We're Heaven Bound!
Portrait of a Black Sacred Drama

When They Weren't Doing Shakespeare
Essays on Nineteenth-Century British and American Theatre