Afro-Modernist Aesthetics and the Poetry of Sterling A. Brown

American Body Politics
Race, Gender, and Black Literary Renaissance

The Amistad Revolt
Memory, Slavery, and the Politics of Identity in the United States and Sierra Leone

The Art and Life of Clarence Major

Black Masculinity and the U.S. South
From Uncle Tom to Gangsta

Black on Earth
African American Ecoliterary Traditions

Can't I Love What I Criticize?
The Masculine and Morrison

Charles W. Chesnutt and the Fictions of Race

Postcolonialism, African American Literary Studies, and the Black Atlantic

Critical Memory
Public Spheres, African American Writing, and Black Fathers and Sons in America

The Empire Abroad and the Empire at Home
African American Literature and the Era of Overseas Expansion

Evangelism and Resistance in the Black Atlantic, 1760–1835

Fields Watered with Blood
Critical Essays on Margaret Walker

Fingering the Jagged Grain
Tradition and Form in Recent Black Fiction

Hunger Overcome?
Food and Resistance in Twentieth-Century African American Literature

Jean Toomer's Years with Gurdjieff
Portrait of an Artist, 1923–1936

Jim Crow, Literature, and the Legacy of Sutton E. Griggs

Legba's Crossing
Narratology in the African Atlantic

Mulattas and Mestizas
Representing Mixed Identities in the Americas, 1850–2000

My Dear Boy
Carrie Hughes's Letters to Langston Hughes, 1926–1938

Neo–Segregation Narratives
Jim Crow in Post–Civil Rights American Literature

New Perspectives on James Weldon Johnson's The Autobiography of an Ex-colored Man

Posthuman Blackness and the Black Female Imagination

The Power of the Porch
The Storyteller’s Craft in Zora Neale Hurston, Gloria Naylor, and Randall Kenan

Rethinking Social Realism
African American Art and Literature, 1930–1953

Sacral Grooves, Limbo Gateways
Travels in Deep Southern Time, Circum-Caribbean Space, Afro-creole Authority

Seizing the Word
History, Art, and Self in the Work of W. E. B. Du Bois

Sentimental Confessions
Spiritual Narratives of Nineteenth-Century African American Women

South of Tradition
Essays on African American Literature

Subjects of Slavery, Agents of Change
Women and Power in Gothic Novels and Slave Narratives, 1790–1865

To Hell and Back
Race and Betrayal in the Southern Novel

Transforming Scriptures
African American Women Writers and the Bible

Trumpeting a Fiery Sound
History and Folklore in Margaret Walker’s Jubilee