Blue Coat or Powdered Wig
Free People of Color in Pre-Revolutionary Saint Domingue

Christian Ritual and the Creation of British Slave Societies, 1650-1740

Contentious Liberties
American Abolitionists in Post-Emancipation Jamaica, 1834-1866

Creolization and Contraband
Curaçao in the Early Modern Atlantic World

Diplomacy in Black and White
John Adams, Toussaint Louverture, and Their Atlantic World Alliance

Enterprising Women
Gender, Race, and Power in the Revolutionary Atlantic

Everyday Life in the Early English Caribbean
Irish, Africans, and the Construction of Difference

Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People
From Aboriginal Times to the End of Slavery

Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People
From the Ending of Slavery to the Twenty-First Century

On the Rim of the Caribbean
Colonial Georgia and the British Atlantic World

Ordinary Lives in the Early Caribbean
Religion, Colonial Competition, and the Politics of Profit

Punishing the Black Body
Marking Social and Racial Structures in Barbados and Jamaica

Slavery, Childhood, and Abolition in Jamaica, 1788–1838

Slavery in the Caribbean Francophone World
Distant Voices, Forgotten Acts, Forged Identities

Torn Between Empires
Economy, Society, and Patterns of Political Thought in the Hispanic Caribbean, 1840–1878