HISTORY / United States: Civil War Period

America’s Corporal
James Tanner in War and Peace

Atlas of the Civil War, Month by Month
Major Battles and Troop Movements

Ballots and Fence Rails
Reconstruction on the Lower Cape Fear

Becoming Confederates
Paths to a New National Loyalty

Berry Benson's Civil War Book
Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter

The Black Newspaper and the Chosen Nation

Black Politicians and Reconstruction in Georgia
A Splendid Failure

Blue-Eyed Child of Fortune
The Civil War Letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

The Blue, the Gray, and the Green
Toward an Environmental History of the Civil War

But There Was No Peace
The Role of Violence in the Politics of Reconstruction

Remembering Louisiana, 1850–1871

A Changing Wind
Commerce and Conflict in Civil War Atlanta

A Battlefield History in Images

The Civil War as a Crisis in Gender
Augusta, Georgia, 1860–1890

The Civil War in Georgia
A New Georgia Encyclopedia Companion

The Civil War Letters of Joseph Hopkins Twichell
A Chaplain's Story

The Civil War Letters of Joshua K. Callaway

Civil War Stories

Civil War Time
Temporality and Identity in America, 1861–1865

Confederate Athens

The Confederate Congress

Confederate Finance

Confederate Georgia

The Confederate Governors

Confederate Odyssey
The George W. Wray Jr. Civil War Collection at the Atlanta History Center

Confederate Receipt Book
A Compilation of Over One Hundred Receipts, Adapted to the Times

The Confessions of Edward Isham
A Poor White Life of the Old South

A Consuming Fire
The Fall of the Confederacy in the Mind of the White Christian South

The Correspondence of Sarah Morgan and Francis Warrington Dawson
With Selected Editorials Written by Sarah Morgan for the Charleston News and Courier

Crossroads of Conflict
A Guide to Civil War Sites in Georgia

Diehard Rebels
The Confederate Culture of Invincibility

Discovering the Women in Slavery
Emancipating Perspectives on the American Past

Driven from Home
North Carolina's Civil War Refugee Crisis

Ebb Tide
As Seen through the Diary of Josephine Clay Habersham, 1863

The Elements of Confederate Defeat
Nationalism, War Aims, and Religion

Empty Sleeves
Amputation in the Civil War South

Enemies of the Country
New Perspectives on Unionists in the Civil War South

Farm Tenancy and the Census in Antebellum Georgia

Field Medical Services at the Battle of Manassas

For Free Press and Equal Rights
Republican Newspapers in the Reconstruction South

For God and Mammon
Evangelicals and Entrepreneurs, Masters and Slaves in Territorial Kansas, 1854–1860

Four Years in the Confederate Navy
The Career of Captain John Low on the C.S.S. Fingal, Florida, Alabama, Tuscaloosa & Ajax

Freedom, Racism, and Reconstruction
Collected Writings of LaWanda Cox

Freedom's Shore
Tunis Campbell and the Georgia Freedmen

Gender and the Jubilee
Black Freedom and the Reconstruction of Citizenship in Civil War Missouri

Georgia Boys with Stonewall Jackson
James Thomas Thompson and the Walton Infantry

The Ghosts of Guerrilla Memory
How Civil War Bushwhackers Became Gunslingers in the American West

The Granite Farm Letters
The Civil War Correspondence of Edgeworth and Sallie Bird

The Great South Carolina Ku Klux Klan Trials, 1871–1872

The Greatest Trials I Ever Had
The Civil War Letters of Margaret and Thomas Cahill

Guarding Greensboro
A Confederate Company in the Making of a Southern Community

Hell's Broke Loose in Georgia
Survival in a Civil War Regiment

A Heritage of Woe
The Civil War Diary of Grace Brown Elmore, 1861-1868

Invisible Southerners
Ethnicity in the Civil War

The Journal of Archibald C. McKinley

A Late Encounter with the Civil War

Lee's Tarnished Lieutenant
James Longstreet and His Place in Southern History

Lens of War
Exploring Iconic Photographs of the Civil War

Letters of Warren Akin
Confederate Congressman

A Long Shadow
Jefferson Davis and the Final Days of the Confederacy

Loyalty on the Line
Civil War Maryland in American Memory

Never Surrender
Confederate Memory and Conservatism in the South Carolina Upcountry

North By South
The Two Lives of Richard James Arnold

The Peculiar Democracy
Southern Democrats in Peace and Civil War

Practical Strangers
The Courtship Correspondence of Nathaniel Dawson and Elodie Todd, Sister of Mary Todd Lincoln

Prison Pens
Gender, Memory, and Imprisonment in the Writings of Mollie Scollay and Wash Nelson, 1863–1866

Recollections of a Southern Daughter
A Memoir by Cornelia Jones Pond of Liberty County

The Reconstruction of Southern Debtors
Bankruptcy after the Civil War

Rehearsal for Reconstruction
The Port Royal Experiment

Reminiscences of My Life in Camp
An African American Woman's Civil War Memoir

Rich Man's War
Class, Caste, and Confederate Defeat in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley

Ruin Nation
Destruction and the American Civil War

Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom
The Escape of William and Ellen Craft from Slavery

Sam Richards's Civil War Diary
A Chronicle of the Atlanta Home Front

Shadows on My Heart
The Civil War Diary of Lucy Rebecca Buck of Virginia

The Slave-Trader's Letter-Book
Charles Lamar, the Wanderer, and Other Tales of the African Slave Trade

Slavery on the Periphery
The Kansas-Missouri Border in the Antebellum and Civil War Eras

Soldiers of Light and Love
Northern Teachers and Georgia Blacks, 1865–1873

Stepping Lively in Place
The Not-Married, Free Women of Civil-War-Era Natchez, Mississippi

These Men She Gave
Civil War Diary of Athens, Georgia

Under the Guardianship of the Nation
The Freedmen’s Bureau and the Reconstruction of Georgia, 1865–1870

Voices from Company D
Diaries by the Greensboro Guards, Fifth Alabama Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia

War upon the Land
Military Strategy and the Transformation of Southern Landscapes during the American Civil War

Weirding the War
Stories from the Civil War’s Ragged Edges

Where Death and Glory Meet
Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Infantry

Why the South Lost the Civil War

William Howard Russell's Civil War
Private Diary and Letters, 1861–1862

With Ballot and Bayonet
The Political Socialization of American Civil War Soldiers