HISTORY / Europe: Great Britain

Boswell's Life of Johnson
New Questions, New Answers

Chattel Slavery and Wage Slavery
The Anglo-American Context, 1830–1860

Companions Without Vows
Relationships Among Eighteenth-Century British Women

The Curious Mister Catesby
A "Truly Ingenious" Naturalist Explores New Worlds

The Ebbs and Flows of Fortune
The Life of Thomas Howard, Third Duke of Norfolk

George III and the Satirists from Hogarth to Byron

The Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney

Liberating Sojourn
Frederick Douglass and Transatlantic Reform

The Politics of Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson and the Sense of History

Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607–1785

Scottish Highlanders in Colonial Georgia
The Recruitment, Emigration, and Settlement at Darien, 1735–1748