Georgia Journeys
Being an Account of the Lives of Georgia's Original Settlers and Many Other Early Settlers

Sarah Gober Temple and Kenneth Coleman


“A useful addition to the historiography of the colony. . . . Georgia Journeys will hold the reader’s interest throughout, and it is a tribute to Dr. Coleman’s careful editing and revision that this book contributes a fine and appropriate memorial to Mrs. Temple’s accurate research and manifest love of Georgia.”
William and Mary Quarterly

“A charming example of a popular genre of a century ago: the town or country chronicle.”
Journal of Southern History

Published in 1961, Georgia Journeys traces the development of Georgia with a particular emphasis on the lives of the ordinary men and women who helped establish the colony. The book begins with the departure from England on the Ann and covers up to the point at which the colony became controlled by England. Sarah B. Gober Temple and Kenneth Coleman use primary accounts to reveal the many problems and challenges encountered during the development of the colony. In addition to the ordinary colonists, the lives of historically prominent figures are revealed, including John Milledge, father of a later state governor, Thomas Christie, recorder of the court at Savannah, and Noble Jones, who served the colony in various positions for more than forty years.

Page count: 368 pp.
Trim size: 6 x 9

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Sarah B. Gober Temple (1891–1956) is the author of The First Hundred Years: A Short History of Cobb County, in Georgia. Kenneth Coleman (1916–1999) was a professor of history at the University of Georgia and was the preeminent scholar of his time on the history of the state. He is the author or editor of many books including The American Revolution in Georgia, Georgia History in Outline, and A History of Georgia.