From Abbeville to Zebulon
Early Post Card Views of Georgia

Edited by Gary L. Doster

"Fascinating . . . A delightful book and a keeper."—Celestine Sibley


"An evocative portrait of a time when postcards were such a hot novelty that farmers mailed them to themselves when they went to town on Saturdays."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Many fascinating glimpses into the way we lived."
Macon Magazine

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From “Depot Street, looking North” in Abbeville to a “Street Scene” in Zebulon, this delightful gathering of more than six hundred vintage post-card images presents the panorama of daily life in early-twentieth-century Georgia.

Family outings, veterans’ reunions, harvests, baptisms, and market days are just a few of the occasions depicted here, with many of the cards representing the only surviving visual record of schools, homes, churches, businesses, and public buildings long lost to “progress” or disasters.

Bursting with civic pride, boasting of a newfangled product, or simply conveying “Greetings from . . . ,” these post cards are an unexpected and invaluable resource for historians, collectors, and nostalgia buffs.

Page count: 240 pp.
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Gary L. Doster is a resident of Oconee County, Georgia. His post card collection, which currently includes more than seven thousand images, is one of the most extensive of the state during the period from 1900 to 1920.