Poems by Jennifer K. Dick


"Fluoresence is moving. Both emotionally engaging and in motion to match the realities of our moment, Jennifer Dick's poems are accountable to the truths of a violent kaleidoscope world. Terrorism and suicide are part of this landscape, but this poet is equally dedicated to an understanding of the internal tensions of the lyric voice and the human heart. 'The dream [is] already morphosing,' where our loves and lives are broken into shifting fragments and echoes, 're-returned' under threat of erasure. Her gift is to have found in the shards a new language with the energy and beauty of a Delaunay composition: her poems lift up into light all we cherish, all we should most fear to lose."
—Laura Mullen, author of After I Was Dead

"The project underlying this collection is precision, and Jennifer Dick carries it out beautifully, always keeping her language as sharp and explorative as her questioning. A strong, beautiful book throughout."
—Cole Swensen, author of Goest

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In Jennifer K. Dick's first book, Fluorescence, very real places--Paris, Massachusetts, Colorado, Iowa, Morocco--mix into the imagined, into Breughelian villages where there's "a persimmon in the corner knitting." These places are inhabited by varied but always very real bodies, stretching outward from their own edges and encountering, or engendering, a certain luminescence in the process. What happens when we exceed ourselves? When fragments of dream are lifted to the surface and through to something beyond? Clues, keys, indications--all that once seemed certain slips off into code. These poems use language to crack it.
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Jennifer K. Dick is a doctoral candidate in comparative literature at Paris III: the Sorbonne Nouvelle. She also teaches English at the Université de Marne La Vallée and creative writing at the Women's Institute of Continuing Education and Oxbridge Summer Programs. She lives in Paris.