Fishes of the Middle Savannah River Basin
With Emphasis on the Savannah River Site

Barton C. Marcy Jr., Dean E. Fletcher, F. Douglas Martin, Michael H. Paller, and Marcel J. M. Reichert
Photographs by David E. Scott

An in-depth look at a diverse freshwater fish community


"Fishes of the Middle Savannah River Basin is a superb reference. It combines a wealth of scientific information on individual species with a background on fish assemblages in specific habitats. The keys are straightforward and easy to follow, and the individual species accounts are complete. Color plates are original, and most depict fish as they would appear at capture or in the wild. These true-to-life color photos are a valuable addition and improve the quality of the text as a field guide. Although designed for the professional, Fishes is a valuable reference for the angler and amateur naturalist as well. I highly recommend Fishes as a valuable addition to any fish-fancier’s library."
—J. Jeffery Isely, Co-Acting Unit Leader of the South Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

"Filled with vivid, color photographs, detailed maps, and almost everything a lay-reader might want to know about the region’s fishlife and habitats. This is a fascinating book for the coffee table or the more serious shelf."
Valdosta Daily Times

Featuring more than 200 color photographs of species and habitats, this is the first comprehensive assessment of the fishes of the Middle Savannah River Basin (MSRB). Located along the Georgia-South Carolina border, the MSRB comprises the portion of the Savannah River drainage area located on the Upper Coastal Plain and edges of the Lower Coastal Plain. Until now, no state-focused books existed that were devoted to the freshwater fishes of either Georgia or South Carolina.

The book identifies and discusses 100 native and introduced species from 26 fish families--approximately 70% of the native species in the entire Savannah River drainage area. Illustrated in color with photographs and a local distribution map, each species account describes the fish's appearance, meristic features, size, biology, habitat, conservation status, similarities to other species, and geographic range. The book also discusses the Savannah River, tributary streams, reservoirs, and ponds from the 1950s to the present showing ecological changes, detailed habitat descriptions, and associated fish assemblages.


  • Coverage of approximately 7,000 square kilometers of the Savannah River drainage area, including the 780 square kilometer Savannah River Site
  • Detailed accounts of 96 native and introduced fish species
  • More than 200 color photos illustrating fish species (most live, many shown both with and without spawning colors) and numerous fish habitats
  • 94 local species distribution maps and 6 area maps--all in color
  • Taxonomic identification key illustrated by 180 black and white photos
  • Unique fish community comparisons in highly impacted, disturbed, and undisturbed aquatic habitats
  • Nearly 1,000 bibliographic references
Page count: 480 pp.
Trim size: 8.5 x 11

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Barton C. Marcy Jr. is a senior fellow scientist at the Westinghouse Savannah River Company. Dean E. Fletcher is a research coordinator at the University of Georgia's Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL). F. Douglas Martin is a principal scientist at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL). Michael H. Paller is a fellow scientist at the SRNL and teaches biology at Augusta State University. Marcel J. M. Reichert is a research assistant professor in biological sciences at the University of South Carolina and recently joined the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as a fisheries biologist. Photographer David E. Scott is a researcher at the SREL.