Emily Bronte and Beethoven
Romantic Equilibrium in Fiction and Music

Robert K. Wallace


"[Wallace] has carried off a difficult and complex subject with grace and assurance. . . . In bringing Bronte and Beethoven together, moreover, Wallace has created a book that reaches beyond the two individuals he has so effectively compared to touch as well on questions of aesthetics and creativity themselves."
Victorian Studies

"This challenging integrative study offers some clever analytical insights. It includes thorough notes and a useful index."

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When Emily Brontë was studying music in Brussels in 1842, she was drawn into the city's appreciation of Beethoven. After her exposure to the works of the great composer, Brontë's creativity flourished and she went on to compose what was to be her only novel--Wuthering Heights.

In Emily Brontë and Beethoven, Robert K. Wallace continues to work from the perspective he developed in his Jane Austen and Mozart--integrating two fields that have traditionally been kept apart. Wallace compares Brontë and Beethoven through a close examination of the Romantic traits that their works share. Innovative and stimulating, Wallace's study extends literary criticism into a new context where equilibrium, balance, proportion, and symmetry serve as a fulcrum to launch the reader into a new understanding of the formal parallels, the moods and emotions that connect music and literature.

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Robert K. Wallace is Regents Professor of Literature at Northern Kentucky University. Jane Austen and Mozart: Classical Equilibrium in Fiction and Music (Georgia) received the 1982 South Atlantic Modern Language Association Award. He is also the author of A Century of Music Making: The Lives of Josef and Rosina Lhevinne; Melville and Turner: Spheres of Love and Fright (Georgia); Frank Stella's Moby-Dick: Words and Shapes; Douglass and Melville: Anchored Together in Neighborly Style; and Thirteen Women Strong: The Making of a Team.