Early Georgia Magazines
Literary Periodicals to 1865

Bertram Holland Flanders


“Indeed, it would be difficult to conjure up a query on Georgia’s literary magazines that is not answered in Flanders’s excellent study. . . . Early Georgia Magazines is a job well done. For his accomplishment, Flanders deserves the admiration of all students of the Old South.”
South Atlantic Bulletin

“Packed with details, lists of representative contents and distributors, and careful details of publication . . . the work is definitive in its field.”
American Literature

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First published in 1944, this is a detailed survey of twenty-four distinguished periodicals published in antebellum Georgia. Flanders shows that literary activity was generally confined to middle Georgia and often concentrated on themes of religion and morality, early American life, and European adventures. An extensive bibliography and three appendices give a comprehensive list of magazines published during the time, including dates, places of publication, and names of editors and publishers. More than nine hundred footnotes further elaborate on the analysis of backgrounds, local historical events, and information on contributors.


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Bertram Holland Flanders (1892–1979) is also the author of A New Frontier in Education: The Story of the Atlanta Division, University of Georgia.