A Memoir

Miriam Levine


“Graceful tales that make ordinary life extraordinary . . . made of sentences so nearly perfect that they take your breath away.”
Boston Sunday Globe

“Creates a gallery of portraits with ghostly vision, guts, and candor . . . Devotion is a splendid book—it will not only make you embrace the author and her family, warts and all, but will awaken and redeem your own memories.”
Jewish Community News

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To Miriam Levine, “devotion” implies love and self-creation; to her mother’s generation, it meant martyrdom and self-denial. The domain of this memoir is the interval between those attitudes. Devotion is the expression of a sensibility that trusts the physical—a facet of women’s existence that is at once ennobling and primary, transcendent and spiritual. Affirming her deep connection to people, Levine draws from a rich expanse of memories, misgivings, epiphanies, and associations to tell of the adventures and dangers of her emergence as a woman writer.

Page count: 252 pp.
Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5


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Miriam Levine is the author of four poetry collections, most recently The Dark Opens, winner of the 2007 Autumn House Poetry Prize. She is also the author of a novel, In Paterson, and A Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England.