Deep Enough for Ivorybills

James Kilgo

One man's initiation into the natural heritage of his native South


"Kilgo's powerful memoir does justice to the finest literature in the southern tradition. . . . The book is the late-coming-of-age journal of a mature man who, reviving his childhood fascination with the woods, projects himself back into the wild country as he reaches into his family's past to understand its relationship to the land he hunts. . . . It should be consumed in small portions, a chapter or less at a time, and savored by the moment."
New York Times Book Review

"This is a book not just for hunters, birdwatchers, or naturalists. It's for everybody who senses, or perhaps remembers, that the woods have more to offer than a splotch of shade on a deck in the suburbs."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Deep Enough for Ivorybills is a powerful, thoughtful collection of autobiographical writings about James Kilgo's hunting and fishing excursions in the woods, fields, and swamps of South Carolina and Georgia. Portraying a world both visceral and majestic, Deep Enough for Ivorybills establishes Kilgo not only in the sporting lineage of Robert Ruark and William Faulkner but also in the naturalist tradition of Annie Dillard and Loren Eisley.
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James Kilgo (1941-2002) was a member of the University of Georgia English department faculty for over thirty years and director of the creative writing program from 1994 to 1996. His books include Daughter of My People, Deep Enough for Ivorybills, Colors of Africa, and Inheritance of Horses (all Georgia).